CCTV Cameras & Surveillance in Hostage Situations

Invaluable aid to the police in hostage control

Risk assessment officers, planning for the worst case scenario in certain types of premises, should always consider the possibility that a hostage situation might arise.

A hostage event or seige, although uncommon, can stretch the Police to their limits of resourcefulness in attempting to resolve the situation without bloodshed.

Wakefield Security have a device that would certainly give an edge to the Police in such cases, allowing them to see into the areas where the hostages are assembled and most importantly, the whereabouts of the protagonists.

The system is readily available and is being used in offices, schools, and many other establishments, but simply for the purpose of normal surveillance.

Cameras are strategically placed around the complex, and they are controlled by a state of the art unit which is called 'Elise'.

The one feature of this unit that makes it very special is that it can be accessed and controlled from any computer in any location elsewhere. In order to gain this access, it is necessary to know the unique login details, thus preventing unauthorised entry.

In a hostage situation, the police can be given the login details, or perhaps loaned a laptop that is already set up, and they can then view the events as they happen inside the building.

For more information on the Elise system, click here.

Computer linked CCTV CAMERA system - The Elise

Allows remoteásurveillanceáfromáhome - see your home, office, car park etc. from anywhere in the world.á Ideal for owners of holiday homes abroad. Useful for viewing staff & customer activity in business premises while at home.  Keep an eye on your perimeters from any computer in the building.

School surveillance can be done from any authorised computer within the complex.

Elise DVR- more info

High quality MegaPixel cameras

designed to be used in evidence


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